Grumpy Surprises Vee with a Mickey Fire pit!

Look what “Grumpy” is building for us! I guess a regular ole fire pit just won’t be enough for this Disney family😍

We received so much feedback on Facebook about Grumpy’s Mickey Fire pit, that I just had to blog about it!

The first picture below is what the old fire pit looked like. Even this is slightly redesigned as the old-old fire pit was in another place in the yard. This was the location of an above ground pool that was removed a few years ago. So the sand made for a perfect relocation. Normally, there are Adirondack chairs circling the pit.

Before Pic “regular ole fire pit”

I had no idea what the man was doing, to be honest. He started “working in the yard” removing the stones, leveling out the sand, and removing old fire wood.

Grumpy designing his masterpeice

And then he’s said, “Hey Vee! Come check this out! What do you think?!” I was shocked! Apparently our friend Mike had planted the idea in his head several months ago and Grumpy went to work. Needless to say, I love it!

Current finished result

Of course, Grumpy is not satisfied with the “finished” Mickey Fire pit. He wants it three stones high and with smaller bricks and bigger ears (or something). So, stay tuned, I suspect there will be a follow up blog with plans for you to be able to build your own Disney fire pit!


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