Wicked Wednesdays (Villains) – The Evil Queen at the Oogie Party

Oogie Boogie Party September 2019

Ok, Let’s talk VILLAINS! Last year Grumpy & I (and a group of our adult friends) attended the Oogie Boogie Bash in Disney’s California Adventure. It was AMAZING on so many levels, but the real cool part was the character interactions. I think that the way Disney handled the characters at this party, will become an intricate part of how we will see character greetings going forward. This would meet the new COVID safely precautions and still offer a great experience. Basically, the Villain, was “on stage” performing, but also interactive with the guests.

Grumpy get his pic with the Evil Queen

For example, we were walking near Grizzly Rapids and saw that there was some action going on behind the ride. We followed the treat line (basically trick-or-treating) and there on a stage of books was the Evil Queen! We tried to slip past unnoticed, but she wasn’t having it!

Grumpy was dressed as Captain Barbosa and I was dressed as a Pirate (see pic below). She first commented on the fact that there were other villains (pirates to be exact) in the vicinity, so people shouldn’t be judging her. As we attempted to sneak past with our goodies, she was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa Barbosa! Where exactly do you think you are going without taking a picture of me? How dare you?” So he nervously stopped to take this pic. He liked the attention, although he would never admit it!

Vee and Grumpy “da Hayden Pirates”

There were many other Villains that night and all of them were just as sassy and engaging and creepy in their own way. We enjoyed every minute of it.

On a side note: because we were dressed as pirates, we had to go over to Disneyland and ride Pirates, AS Pirates. It was one of the best experiences that we have had at the Parks. We sort of felt like celebrities; and since one of our friends (Mike) dressed up like a “Plaid” people really weren’t sure if we were celebrities or not. We highly recommend it!


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