What’s all the Hype about this Disney Merch?

Loungefly Mini Back Packs: Why are People Going Crazy Over These Things?


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The DisneyParks Loungefly Mini Back Packs are adorable, functional and an absolute must-have in the parks. They are super helpful for busy Moms and are priced at a point where you aren’t draining your bank account, but aren’t buying garbage either.

Last March, Grumpy and I took the family to Disneyland for Spring Break. My two teenage daughters and I kept seeing these mini-back packs everywhere and thought they were adorable. We each scoped out the designs we liked: Samantha liked the Guardians of the Galaxy, Emily liked the Dole Whip and I went with Red the Pirate. What we didn’t understand at the time, was how this would become a quick addiction. We Love, Love, Love them!

Why We Love Them!

  • SUPER CUTE designs – as you can see from the pictures in this post, these back packs come in various designs. There is virtually a different bag for every Disney lover (and several designs for some of us!) I currently own the following: Pirates of the Caribbean – Pirate Red, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean (see pic)s, Minnie Mouse Main Attraction – Peter Pan (which was a MerchPass purchase (video), Brave – Merida and the three brother bears and Wonder Woman (which I’m not even sure is a Disney Loungefly) but is absolutely GORGEOUS and Grumpy picked out for me, so I have to mention it.

Functional – I love how functional and versatile this bag is. It’s called a “mini” back pack, but there is nothing “mini” about it. As a matter of fact, I purchased a little bag to go inside to hold things that can get “lost” in the bottom of the bag (like chap-stick, gum, etc) I literally carry my phone, wallet, extra masks, sunglasses, a fuel rod, tissues, ear buds, han-itizer, snacks, my little bag for make up and “unmentionables” for those bags without an inside pocket. This thing can even hold a water bottle!

The dual strap back-pack style also distributes the weight, so if you go wild with packing stuff in it (and it is easy to do) it won’t throw you off balance and even better, its easier on your back. I personally like to have two hands to do things (busy Moms can relate I am sure). I always need an extra hand to carry groceries, grab a kid and shut a car door. The dual strap designs gives me the freedom to do this. There is also a “loop” on the top, which comes in handy for attaching han-itizer and masks. Which as we all know is necessary in our “new normal” world of COVID.

Now, you have to look carefully at the bag before you purchase. Some bags have a larger front zip pocket, while others have two side pockets. But I have not owned one that had both. It is a preference, but either can hold your phone, glasses, or keys.

Price: Now these bags are not as pricey as many other purses, but the for average Jane, it might be a little much for a “back-pack” with “pleather.” Regular price on ShopDisney – $80-$95. The price depends on the design and intricacy of that design. Some sequin designs are in the higher price range, And by higher I mean $80-$90 range.

They do go on sale, if the design isn’t selling. You just don’t know what you might find, so keep looking. You can find them discounted at BoxLunch -($50 – $75) and I even found one at the Fuego in my local mall. But the popular designs sell out FAST, so if you see a design you absolutely LOVE, buy it quickly because they can sell out in hours.

The one warning I would give you, is that these things are just like Pringles, “You can’t just have one”. So if you buys one and love it, get your checkbook ready for “bag 2, 3, 4 oh no my dear! I have to have more!” I am not kidding on this. One look at the Disney Facebook Groups and you will know what I mean. I have 5 of these puppies and those folks make me look like an amateur!

Bottom line is that these mini backpacks are absolutely adorable, reasonably priced and great small backpack for the Parks or everyday.

You can click on the ShopDisney icon below to start your collection now! Or start on your Holiday shopping list today!

Do you own a Loungefly mini back-pack? Comment below to tell us what you love about them.


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