Confessions of a Disney Addict!

These are my confessions, my shameless plug for the Disney Brand and my compelling WHY I love Disney so much.

If you follow us on Facebook, here at the website and/or on YouTube, you already know that we love Disney. We have multiple postings about our affection for all things Disney. And those that have been to our house, can attest to how our “love of the mouse” translates into our home, office, and cars. Yeah, we have Disney in/on our cars.

You may also note that I am not only a shop-aholic, but a discount freak. I don’t buy anything at full price–except at Disney. So why is it so easy to drop so much money at Disney–even when you aren’t at the Parks? I don’t know about you guys, but since COVID, it’s like my Disney shopping has gone into overdrive.

AND the online competition is fierce! You really have to know what you are doing if you want that Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Merch–you can’t just casually purchase those items. (See my YouTube video to learn the process)

Now, I KNOW I am not alone in my addiction of all things Disney. If I was, there wouldn’t be anyone reading this blog right now. The fact is, for some of us, Disney is not just a vacation, a place to go or a 5-foot rodent with style, it is an extension of who we are. It is a way of life.

But WHY?

Let me attempt to explain for those who do not “get it”. I understand your hesitation, I have friends that remind me that Disney is a giant corporation, and corporations do not have hearts, souls or feelings. Most corporations are just out for the almighty dollar. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Disney IS a business. But its one that I am willing to give my money to. For those that do “get it” you are my Disney Peeps, my people, my tribe. Feel free to keeping reading and shaking your head yes. I beg you to please resist the temptation to jump up and down screaming, “YESSSSS! Is she reading my mind?! OMG! I said the same thing last week!” Its ok, we are perfectly normal.


I can not tell you how many times people have asked me why I love Disney so much. My response has always been the same: “What’s not to like?” Walt Disney, the man, faced so much adversity in his life and business. His ideas were stolen, his drawings were copied, he basically sacrificed everything, except his dream. His dream for families. He was an American inventor with an idea that was so innovative and creative that at first his competition laughed at him, but then as he became a threat, they tried to tear him down. And he got right back up and fought for his dream. He was a scrapper, fighting for a dream for the American family. That is inspiring. So ask yourself, what have YOU sacrificed for your dreams lately? What should you differently in the future to make your dream a reality?


There is no better description for Disneyland than, “The Happiest Place on Earth.” For those that have been there, I am sure just the mention of the place brings back fond memories. Do you drop a ton of money? Yep. Do you deal with ridiculous crowds? Yes. Do you stand in line for hours at a time just to ride the “new” ride? Yep. Do you sometimes deal with heat and humidity? Of course. And if you focus on the negative, that’s exactly what you get–a negative experience.

But what if you looked at the awesomeness around you? Really LOOK at the attractions, look at the incredible details, the colors, the artistic method. LISTEN to the sounds, the music, the ambiance. The Imagineers created that, for YOU. They created that for YOUR family. To enjoy, to experience, to feel, taste, hear and smell. Those that love Disney can feel, what I am describing. We relive those memories when real life brings us down.

Shop Disney Parks items at!

One of my favorite memories was the second time I had ever been at Disneyland in 2010. It was the first time our boys had been to the Park, but our girls had already been there. As we walked into the Park, Pluto stopped us for a photo Op. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just look at the sheer bliss on their faces. THIS is the “magic” that the Imagineers create in the Parks. It can not be replicated anywhere else, although many have tried.


Do I really have to tell anyone that Disney is a master at collecting information on their guests and then providing individual value to them over and over and over based on the information they gained? They’ve got this marketing/sales process nailed. is a Disney Addicts dream come true. A nightmare for their bank accounts, mostly, but an oasis of cool items that we just “Have to have!” I have watched as people make entire online businesses just promoting the Disney Brand. Its incredible that a large company can not only provide value to their own guests, but also support entrepreneurs as well.

I shamelessly promote the Disney brand too. I purchased some Disney Halloween Crocs, Masks and a Halloween Loungefly backpack a few weeks ago (see pic). I went to the Mall and so many people mentioned my outfit: “OMG! You are so adorable!” “Your outfit is to DIE for!” ” I work at the Croc store and I haven’t seen those yet!” I mean come on, twist my arm to be a walking billboard for Disney with all these random compliments! It is a TOTAL conversation starter, in a world where we really aren’t engaging with strangers anymore. It connects us in a way that is unexpected and welcomed. And sorry, not sorry, their stuff IS quite adorable!

Don’t even get me started on the the pins, Spirit Jersey’s, and “Limited Edition” Merch. Last year, the Spirit Jersey (a sweatshirt-type long sleeved shirt, named a “spirit jersey”) was so cute. But it sold out QUICK, we couldn’t find it anywhere in the parks. I ended up leaving without one and I was so upset. This prompted me to purchase the Christmas Spirit Jersey for me and Grumpy, as soon as they showed up on ShopDisney. I am not ashamed to say that Disney played me like a piano concerto on that one. The pic below is this year’s Spirit Jersey. I am not fan, but they are popular.


The thing is, with Disney Merch, you want to bring some of that Park magic home. You want to feel like you did when you were in the Park, with your family, on vacation, having fun and leaving the world behind. It takes you away from COVID, politics, division, fires, accidents and death. All of which, our family has experienced in the past month. Disney helps you escape to your “Happy” place, even if just for a few minutes. Even if the Parks aren’t open, or if you can’t get there. It invokes a sense of calm in a chaotic world of negativity. It makes you remember, for just a few minutes, that there have been better days behind, but that if you believe, there will be better days ahead. What do you believe?

Just remember: “Nothing is impossible.”

For full transparency, this is blog contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase any items. You do not pay me, pays me for sending you to them. Its a win-win-win: I get the commission, you get the item and Disney gets your business!


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